Mapping Reference Image Dump

Proposed title was original “Super Mapping Mega Image Dump Deluxe”

Anyway, the title is self-explanatory. Post images you think would benefit as reference pictures for others. I’ll start with some shots from around my college campus. I think there’s a “futuristic” and modern feel about my school that I really like. I took some shots. You can find some of the higher-quality (and quality-controlled) versions of the best ones on my deviantArt, but for the purpose of this thread I’m going to upload compressed purposely over/underexposed unedited 1280x853 shots. Technical adjective!

If you want me to try and get some more photos on campus, perhaps some different angles, I can do that. I’m also in Vegas, so let me know if you want some pictures of anything in particular.

Wonderful idea, especially when just browing for inspiration.

I have a whole lot of photos from trips to Sweden ranging from 17th century forts to rural buildings and industrial complexes, just have to sort them for quality


and here we go

could you take some straight on, so we can make some new textures ??

my trip to japan, be overwhelmed
best photos picked out & color corrected

i had mapping in mind when i took photos that weren’t of importance of my trip there, so a whole bunch of them should be usable as textures if you use distortion in photoshop and crop them



massive image, 8mb - i’d almost pay for that to be made in source, that would be impossible

here are mine reference images that i used in my de_barista. all JPEG and pure. These should be useful for recreating 20th century German/Soviet/Modern Europe/Coastal City architectures

i’ll upload bonus Krakow and Prague pictures later

also if there’s a demand, i’ll take pictures of my home city, which contains plenty of 20’s modernism

When I get a wider lens, I’ll be better at capturing everything in one image. I can definitely take more images straight on.

From the last ancient reference thread, these were in downtown Denver. I ended up using them for a few urban scenes, but honestly, now I prefer Google Earth x1000 over reference pics (except for interiors, those are really useful if anyone has some).

why would you want a wider lens? there’s just gonna be more distortion, resulting in worse de-distortion in ps
stand further away and zoom in instead

For the purpose of capturing entire buildings for reference as I pass by, it seems like the best choice. I can do a lot some alternate artsy stuff as well as texture close-ups with my telephoto and 18-55 mm lens, but just to capture a building as I’m passing by I’d opt for the wider lens. I’m not necessarily looking for the prime shots for this thread.

if they’re gonna be used for textures, that wouldn’t really work very well since the perspective changes too much when it’s a wide angle

but whatevs

I think I can zoom in pretty well with my 18-55 mm lens if I’m close enough. It doesn’t seem too distorted then. I also have my telephoto lens if necessary.

I’m going to Dresden in four days, I’m hoping to get some nice pics for whatever Euro-ey stuff I end up making, as well as fun stuff to share.

Here I am with some small town looking stuff. If anyone wants to give it a try, I can give you some buildings I did.[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t]

Does anybody know a good source for generic interior reference photos? Google Image search always results in renders or photos of fancy rich-people design interiors. Right now I’m looking for generic suburban interiors in the USA (for a machinima map).

You can go to a site like and view houses that are up for sale.

Most listings have good interior photos.

Did people run out of reference images? The idea is awesome. This blog posts loads of architecture related stuff, so I’ve gone to it for references and inspiration before and it’s really helped.

I’m trying to find good pictures of inside average/low-quality apartments and shops in Sofia, Bulgaria. (HL2 mapping and all) But it’s near impossible, any place I can find pictures like that? All I am finding from Google is interiors of the fancier buildings there.

EDIT: It would be amazing if I could find some closer pictures of these:

So thats where they got the apartments in hl2 from. Very spot on! If only I could be that spot on.

totally fuckin nailed it