Mapping reqs

what programs are required to map?

can some one help me please because i would like to start mapping becase i found rigging was hard


Lord Ned, why not post that tutorial you made? Might put him in the right direction right away.

Oh right. :v:


Haa that’s what you sound like.
At the end of the first video it almost sounded like you said “where we learn how to get hammered”
In third video you didn’t cover the camera tool. Although you may not use it or it may be more of a hassel you still should cover it.

What are your computer specs?

I thought I did, damn it.

2.8Ghz Tri-core, 2gb DDR, 4870.

We have about the same, yours seems faster though.

Until Lord Ned finishes his tutorials, it might be best to check some of the finishes series. There are some very good ones on

Thanks for basically linking us to 3kliksphilip. The thread is now complete.


What are you talking about. There are plenty of tutorials on that page, and only a couple of 3kliksphilip’s actually have errors in any way.

With your advice, are you saying that Minge Slayer should just wait for Lord Ned’s tutorials to be finished before he begins to map? I don’t think that he’ll be able to wait that long.

3klicksphilip should get a ban from using a computer or touch tone phone. Avoid the Tutorials like the plague

I advise Minge Slayer finds his way over to the mapping encyclopedia from the link in the sticky at the top of this forum, plenty of good tutorials to be found.