Mapping Request/Hiring Megathread

The purpose of this thread is to provide those who are looking to hire mappers for various projects a central thread. If you have a recommendation for the list of shame or fame just post.

Those making a request read this

General guidelines:

  • Use the template I provide it will be easier for everyone I feel (template found at the bottom of this post).

  • General cost is kind of hard to estimate as there are a lot of factors that can change it. From custom content, time frame, size of the map, amount of detail wanted, mappers previous experience, etc.

  • Be as descriptive as possible, if we can’t see the map you want in our heads you’re going to end up most likely with something you don’t want. Pictures are a big plus.

  • Provide a layout, related to the above reason. It can be anything from a drawing on a piece of paper to something you made in paint.

  • Be sure you know who you are hiring before you hire them. Google their username, find out as much as you can on this person before you hire them or else you’re going to get scammed. Use tools like and search forums like this one. If you are getting some red flags about someone make a few posts around the internet asking about this person, facepunch, interlopers, mapcore, etc. If no one has heard of this person find someone else.

  • Ask for examples and verify they made them. Again do a lot of googling and asking.

  • Understand that there are limits to what the engine can handle.

  • Understand that custom content such as textures, models, sounds, etc are going to cost you more in most cases (assuming the mapper is making them).

  • Make a deadline with penalties to his pay after the deadline. Example: Each week late means an additional $10 less.

  • Don’t make requests for “can you fix xyz map and throw in a potato factory?”. There’s a general code of honor among mappers that we won’t touch someone’s map unless they give us permission.

  • Establish what game content you want them to use, if your server population all have DoD and not CSS thats an important thing to mention.

Those looking to complete a request read this

General guidelines:

  • Make sure you establish who this person is that you are working for and when the deadline is.

  • Be sure you know exactly what they want, check in with them often so you can be sure you are doing what they want and can adjust.

  • If you need custom content but can’t make it yourself consider making friends with someone from the modeling section and offer to pay him for his services. Your maps will look better, meaning you can charge more and probably get more requests. Be sure to establish this extra charge with the person hiring you before you start

  • Keep a portfolio site and have it up to date with screenshots and download links to your maps this way you can link it when someone inquires about your work.

  • Don’t promise things you can’t do. If you’ve never made custom soundscapes before and have no idea where to start, probably best you learn how to do it before offering to do it.

  • Make sure there’s nothing fishy about their steam profile, if they have only 2 games and less then 200 hours logged you should be cautious.

  • Members of the community have provided a ton of assets over the years, be sure to track them down and ask them before using their content.

  • Read this on why you should be cautious when agreeing to do a map for someone

Both requesters and those fulfilling requests read this

  • Use skype chat to communicate, it logs it unlike steam so should anything rotten happen you have proof or you could alternatively use this program to log steam chats on your own

  • Find and use a middleman, as much as we all want to trust one another it’s a sad fact that there are douche bags out there. Having a middleman can help prevent either side getting scammed. I suggest using a trusted TF2 middleman that you both agree on. Before you start mapping for them be sure the middleman gets at least half the payment to hold on to. That way should the requester just up and vanish when it comes time to do the trade off you get some to pay off your modeler (if you used one) and you get some compensation.

  • Don’t pay them up front, you’re paying them to make a map not contracting them to build your house. (But do give half the money to the middleman)

  • If you get scammed report it here and I suggest reporting it to various other communities/sites such as steamrep so that people know that person is not to be trusted.

  • Use common sense.

Map name:
Game content to use: CSS/TF2/DoD/HL2/etc
Want custom content (textures/models/etc): Yes/No
When it needs to be done by: (either a date or a time frame)
Base cost (starts from here we can negotiate higher if need be):

The list of shame(people not to be trusted, if you want to dispute post in the thread)

  • Kruma
  • Sally

The list of caution (have an unclear history)

  • DannyDoDar

The list of fame(users who have proven to be trustworthy)

Current requests that need a mapper



rp_bangclaw_ug (needs lighting fix)


a jailbreak map futuristic/modern theme but more futuristic than modern needs to have a game room with a many different games a disco room parking lot soccer field and a tack around the field man cannon and a target that you have to land on a pool a forest area where the prisoners can run free and like a tree house in the trees am armory a wipeout zone a cafeteria like the and cafeteria tables just like the ones on jb_new_summer an theatre and a theatre changing room cells and I believe that’s it
I made a layout on google sketch up add me and I’ll send you the file
CSS/anything to make it cool actually lol
Yeahs a lot of custom things once you start making the map well start talking
I’d say in like a week
Down payment of 10 and the rest would be 45 after the map is done
add me :Puffer @ILoveLamp
Skype me :trace.smith9

And please add :DannyDoDar to the scammers list and one more thing sorry for the bad grammar I didn’t have time to fix all of it

Ha knew this would come up

I’m interested in making a jailbreak map, not so interested in some of these features you have (…I posted in your thread dude). I’ll add you tomorrow after work (I get off at 4 p.m. instead of like 1 a.m. tonight) and we can discuss it and I’ll show you some of my previous works.

Dont forget to add Kruma to the list of scammers.

Perhaps you could have examples of people’s work in the List of Fame?

Maybe even including links to their best work to show them off?

That sounds like a good idea to me

Sure we can do that, I’ll either link to their portfolio site or their best map thread on here, their choice.

Sally can be on the list of shame as well, I think wannabe mappers using parts of other maps and claiming it their own isn’t something appreciated either.

Please add this to the OP:

For those of us without skype or don’t want to install skype here’s a program that allows steam chat logging (made by an FP’er):

Just download the first one (1.2) and run the .exe. Create a folder you want to store the logs in, then go to your task bar and right click the new icon (looks like a notepad with the steam logo over it) and click configuration.

Configure it as you want, these are my current configs:

I just prefer this over Skype but that’s my opinion.

Wow never heard of this looks great, will add to OP

In the list of shame, you should also link the names to their Steam profiles, as they can easily change their names.

They can also easily change their steam profile link, perhaps steam id? If someone can provide the steam ID’s I’ll add them I don’t have links to the profiles in question and I rather not guess and get it wrong

Steam ID is unique and cannot be changed AFAIK. Well, could you add some notice to include the steamID for the future scammers?

Map name: Upheval
Description: Sadly we can’t say much, otherwise it would leak our project, but essentially its dark, based in a small village, 1600th century looking, however we can go to what you are comfortable with. It’s a political/intrigue/decision based game.
Game content to use: Unity
Want custom content (textures/models/etc): Undecided
When it needs to be done by: No time frame
Base cost (starts from here we can negotiate higher if need be): To be discussed via Skype/Steam
Skypeusername: (Will be sent via Steam)

What view will the game be in?

My appologies, I don’t quite understand what you mean. If it helps, first person, and we want the feel to be like Amnesia The Dark Descent’s. The outdoor houses, that era-ish.

Thats what i meant because if it was first i may be able to help if you need an animator.

For character animations? Why that would be wonderful! Thank you! I’ll keep you on contact, we would love your work. Can we add over steam? I put the steam link in the first post. That will take you the director. Thanks.