Mapping team wanted (Ameteur to experienced)

Looking for 2-3 dedicated people who have a good knowlodge of Hammer and have published a few maps, to work with me in a huge mapping project.

Projects would include:

Deserted Pre War sub urbs

The same map but post nuclear war.


I would like to make these RP, or just sandbox.
This would be posted on and endorsed on facepunch.
The idea is to make a map as popular as something like freespace / gm_atomic


This is a free project and any one getting invloved will have to realise this is voluntary.

Email : /

Steam : Flapjack321 / Happytoplaydod

For more info email me.

What’s it for, a private server, or a series of maps. A bit more information would be good.

Oh…and what’s your role in this?

Obviously the idea guy

really we make the map and you tell us what you want? If that’s it i say NO! Give more info.

I don’t understand why newbies always expect to make a post on fp/interlopers/etc and expect a bunch of mappers to just flock to them and do their every whim. And as Zyx commented, they always follow a common pattern. They’re always the “idea” guy (like that takes alot of work) and the coordinator (aka, bossing people around when they have no mapping experience themselves).

can i be the idea guy or are you already the idea guy?

I guessed this. But, you never know, he may be a rare one.

I’ll do it. Special offer for this week (because I am low on cash lately), AUS$5 per hour mapping.

I’ll do it at 20 USD per hour…

Ill do it for 19.95 :stuck_out_tongue:

Issn’t this suposed to be in the request forum?

I’ll do it for 100,000 dollars

Per minute.

Ill to it for…you know what how about he does it.

It costs 400,000 dollars for me to map… For twelve seconds.

inb4 idiot feels happy about getting the tf2 reference.

People with a expertice in terrain and custom textures are necessary.

Okay, I’ll be the idea guy, then.

No idea guy is needed

Getting people with a good level of all round experience even paying isn’t particularly easy. It’s not gonna happen at all for free without a lot of hard searching.

WEll i gotta start somewhere

Can we at least see what you are capable of? No one wants to be holding up the project with both hands, both feet and their nose.