Mapping Team?

I’m a bit new at mapping and im working on a project but i feel that a few more experienced mappers would improve the speed and professionalism of the map i’m editing. My steam name is vernonboy4 and i’m seeking mappers to be apart of a mapping team. If your interested please reply and/org contact me on steam, thanks.

More information is needed. What is the theme of the map, do you have screenshots of your current progress etc etc.

I’m basically redoing rp_evocity_v33x adding new things and making it for a server but im not “PRO” and could use some pointers i’ve got some blueprints and some pictures…

Here is the theater im working on(keep in mind it’s very basic right now):

You’re redoing Evocity?
Will there be added train tracks?
If so, refer to title. If the answer is no, refer to the rest of the title.

I don’t follow, “refer to title”, …

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I mean i havn’t thought of that, but that would be a great idea…

Add me on steam, Ill help out, my name is Scott Pillsgrim, I don’t think we could redo evocity, but we could make a big ass town

Added and not redoing evo but adding to it re-novating… :smiley:

He means the title under his username silly xD

Don’t you mean renovating?

Yeah just putting emphasis on things.

You do realize you will not be allowed to release just a modified version of evo city.

I’m not releasing. It’s private for a server.

Evocity pushes quite a few limits, i doubt you could add much.

You should have also asked permission from sgt sgt, and tried to obtain the vmf.

If you have decompiled the map, you are so screwed.

So people will still be able to download the map and then probably release eventually.

Then sgt sgt will hunt you down and stab you.

And I will announce “Fuck you” like in the terms of people declining adding PHX-gauge tracks

I really have no idea because the vmf won’t open. he deleted like half the map and we are supposed t be filling in where it got deleted. Seems it’d be easier to just make a new map.

One day i will make a map that has tracks that look like they are phx gauge, but slightly too narrow. Just for you.

Ok guys, I have not decompiled i will also talk with him. I’m doing this for a server. So i guess we can make it so it wont get out there. Also what is sgt.sgt’s steam name?

pm him on the forums, he might pick it up.

I doubt you will get permission.