Mapping Thing - #1 How to start hammer

Hello and welcome to Mapping Thing. Mapping Thing is a tutorial base going through all the basics of mapping, explaining and taking requests of how to map. This tutorial is very basic, but it’s just a trial run to see how people like the idea of this.

This tutorial is for very new mappers, tutorials will progress as time goes on.

Step 1)

Once you start up steam, whatever tab you are in click to “Tools”

Step 2)

Once you’re on it, double click Source SDK

Step 3)

A menu type thing pops up, if you want to map with HL2 engine but want to map for css you press the arrow on the second box and you will get a box like this:

Or if you would like to map for the orange box change the engine version to “Orange box” by clicking the arrow on the top box

And then you can choose whatever you want, for this part of the tutorial i chose Half Life 2: Episode 2

Step 4)

Double click hammer editor and you should come up with a screen like this:

Step 5)

Create a new document

Step 6)

You will get a screen like this

Last Step)

This isn’t really a step, but it’s just describing what the menu is on the left for the next tutorial

What’s next?

How to create a basic brush and steps leading to a prop_door_rotating - Should be coming later today or tommorrow

Good starter tutorial

wow this really helped me on starting with hammer.
I’m waiting for the next tutorial!

um ok ur just tryin 2 get ru so um ya

omg shh

i never really understood hammer when i opened it up… this is really useful. thanks !

Also, if you are getting “Missing gameinfo.txt” error, start the game you are trying to map for once, start playing first map and quit. That should fix the problem. If you have copied your steamapps folder from another computer or from friend, it gives that error too.

In b4 a hundred more tutorials about opening Hammer.

Learn to spell before using fourms like these. I didn’t understand a single thing you just posted.

Sounds an awful lot like my tutorial.

Anyways; You failed to troubleshoot or warn people of Invalid game Configurations.

oh no sorry lord ned i forgot you’ve done everything woops !!

i’m going to add troubleshooting into the base thread but yeah i guess you’re right i should add it to the OP


~posting second tutorial tommorrow~

Obvious alt is obvious.

My Translation: Uhm okay you’re just trying to get respected user so uhm yeah.

No offense, but I’m really tired of seeing these tutorials, there is a million of these tutorials and anyone who has a brain can google the tutorial, what I am looking for is some really advanced, in-depth tutorials on lighting. How to get the results I want without compiling 100 times and specific details on each setting in the properties and how each affects the light and what they would be useful for.

In the end, there is plenty of tutorials to teach the mapping fundamentals, we need to put those fundamentals into practice and have more advanced tutorials that get into what is making those AAA mods (Raindrop) looking so good. I don’t want people to keep re-inventing the wheel and finding something out that somebody else already knew and didn’t care to share.

I would see this thread valid IF there were people asking how to work hammer.


thanks for clearing that up man i mean i couldnt understand a word he said i mean it was so badly written, only the pros like you could decipher it

no offense but if you read the op this was just for people just starting, as time goes on the tutorials will go in depth about lighting/complex brushwork ect.

it’s just a build up