Mapping Through History!

Hello! As of recent, I have started creating historic maps for Gmod! I have somewhat completed my first map, The Globe Theatre
It’s about 93% done as of right now. I’m considering modding it for a sort of Team Deathmatch map. Here are the images of the current product:

I’m also planning on making:

The Coliseum

Aqua Cladia

The Great Pyramids

I am also open to any suggestions that you may have!

If anyone’s willing to help me create these maps, I’m willing to send over the VMFs/Custom Texutres/Whatever you need to work on it.

Brushwork and textures need a lot of work and the lighting is a bit dull. It’s a great start, hopefully this will be a nice learning experience for you.

Also, embed the images with [noparse]

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Honestly, it looks horrible.
You’ll need to add much more detail, like every beam and plank supporting the walls and floors.
Currently the balconies looks like they’re made out of concrete.

Why are you using the term “product”?
Is it commercial or something? :v:

Got it. This was just the rough version of what I hoped to accomplish, I plan on adding exactly what you had in mind. I also plan on adding a button or something or rather that teleports the player to the burnt down version of the Globe. Maybe I can just reuse this part of the map instead! :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Economics Professor always told me, “No matter what you do, you will always also be a salesman.”

I am making a map, which is the product. The Equivalent exchange will be the hate or love I receive from the finished product. So yeah, I guess you could say it IS commercial.

Don’t make a WiP thread until you have something to show us.

He does :v:. There’s a link to screenshots in the first post.

He doesn’t really have much, and he even admits that they were only quick rough creations. A layout sketch would probably be more effective, I think.