Mapping Tutorial

Who knows a REALLY good series of videos to watch on youtube for SDK mapping?

Well I don’t want to self advertise, but I’d suggest just about anybody but 3kliksphilip

I make tutorials, and I take request.
Check it out. If they aren’t what you are looking for, there are a bunch on youtube.

Well the things you covered i mostly already knew but i looking more towards more complex things like, after you enter a certain part of the room the will be one thing there, then you go back into another part of the room or around a corner and it’s something different.

I saw he who must not be named and was like NO NO NO NO NO NO
but then i was like :fuckyou:

I think metallics did some.

try websites like:

for video tutorials, go ahead and watch metallics’ tutorials, he has a few.

But do know that there are a lot more text-based tutorials than youtube tutorials - halfwit-2 alone has just surpassed 200 tutorials, far more tutorials than you will find on youtube with all the users combined.