Mapping voip chat?

Mapping chat:

Get on in here :slight_smile:

there was an old IRC thread a while back I don’t think anybody uses that anymore though.

Things like that seem like a great idea at the time…but eventually fade away.

Yeah, it never lasts long… there isn’t enough activitry to warrant it.

It should be a room for mappers, not specifically map talk. If the Interlopers group chat only talked about mapping, it would have died i popularity long ago. Now it has 12-15+ people at the same time each night.

need an active mappers chat

Or a group.

already a group, just the chat isn’t used.

Well thats the problem, there aren’t many mappers who use group chat. I don’t think using anything different will change anything.


Still a bad idea that will die in a matter of hours.

I’ll stay at least idle on this.

Imagine if there was a multiplayer Hammer, you could make stuff with your mates.

Would be absolutely incredible, imagine the possibilities, Make Hammer into a standalone source game where you can host your own servers :downs:


Ahhwoohoo 500th post after 3 years of lurking.