Mapping without VR

seems like source 2 mapping has already taken off but i was told the other day that you cannot actually play your maps without a VR headset. is there seriously no way to play test maps without VR? i would like to find out before i get invested in hammer 5.

You can play your maps without VR:

All you have to do is launch the tools with novr mode (it’s an option on the sdk launcher)

sdk launcher? for source 2? i have been using the steamVR launcher?

You just disable VR at the bottom of the tools.

you cant disable vr on the steamVR launcher.
but you can still run the tools with out VR by copying the CommandLine Command shown pasting it into CMD and removing the vr specific settings like i think : -VR or such

sorry but what tools? the ones in the asset browser or hammer?

You can’t use novr mode without half life alyx tools

Oh I assumed he had alyx because anyone with VR should own it by now, it’s too good not to own. Truely changed my outlook on VR and Valve as a whole when I finished it on release day.

As I understand it, you’re using the SteamVR tools? The non-VR workflow is a bit different there compared to HL:A.

In the workshop tools launcher, click the ‘Create Desktop Shortcut’ button. Next, right-click the created shortcut, change its properties and remove the -vr and -toolsvr parameters from the target field. (Alternatively, click the ‘Show Launch Command Line’ button and do what @Adesi said, again with the -vr and -toolsvr parameters removed. A desktop shortcut is easiest though)

The downside of the SteamVR tools is that without VR, you can’t walk around your map after compiling it. The best you can do is enter the vr_enable_fake_vr_test command in the console to enable noclip-style movement.

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thanks for the replies. it was probably a lack of communication on my part but i already had a shortcut bat and everything set up. i never actually tested it and upon doing so i basically just got what @Blueberry_pie described. no movement except noclip. its disappointing but at least i can see the final product. does this mean sbox will be vr only too?

i miss SDK…

you can I do it all the time I just have a method to my madness

Nope, i think S&box hammer will use novr, and vr mode, but we will see. As I said, you can use novr mode but only with hl alyx

Just buy HL Alyx and download tools for it. It’s easy.

i think its early days and i am still getting used to the new hammer. if i were to get HLA i would have to go the full mile and get a VR set so i can actually play the game in VR and not just buy it for the tools.

for now i will hold back and see what i can learn from sbox development.

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Enabling nonvr mode even improves editor performance for some odd reason, so that’s what I use most of the time and then close the project and relaunch if I want to try out my map in VR.