Hi, recently i have been playing a LOT of Garry’s mod RP servers. And i have been thinking, i want to creat my own maps. But one problem, every time i try to in Hammer its says some error or something. So i was wondering, does anyone and i know someone does, anyone know what i gotta set the game things to in the source sdk menu. You know the first say like Orange Box and somthing else, and the others say like HL2, Counter Strike, HL2 E2, all depending on what you chose for the first bar. So basically what do i set these bars to to create a Gmod map of my own?

It does not matter what you set it to. Any game will do fine. But I would recommend anyone of the orange box games. Also you have to start the game first before you are able to make anything in hammer for it. Like you have to start TF2 before you are aloud to pick it in Source SDK or it will give you an error of no game configuration. Which is what I think you are getting.

ok i will try and yes i think thats the error im getting thx.


lol i think i figured it out. i forgot to install episode 2 and episode 1. and also i started Gmod up but i didnt see it in sdk menu. but once the installs are done it should work if not i will post agian

Are you sure you have to start a game? I never had to run css or gmod whilst making a map.

You have too at least Once yes

Oh, you mean you have to have ran it before at least once?

I don’t have to run any game to start Source SDK.

You have to run a game you are mapping for at least once before the game configs will work. Not run it before you open sdk…once in the lifetime of it being installed on your pc.

Yea… but do people buy games to build maps and not play? it’d make sense that they have already played it.

I never play Day of Defeat but the props are nice.

There doesn’t need to be a gmod configuration, just use the episode 2 one for mapping.

this will do you wonders.