Maps and Downloads of the Brotherhood

These are links to download the maps of the brotherhood if youre not part of the brotherhood just ignore this post this is just a help page


rp fetish much?

I assume your a group, Could’ve posted them on your steam group page or got a forum of your own.

secret handshake

There’s an Rp section for this.

And these are three of the more popular Rp maps.

Why did you feel the need to post this?

cause he so coooool


the b…b…brotherhood

They say that if you ban someone
The Brotherhood comes to you while you are afk.

hey this isnt just rp im still uploading maps yeesh

you didn’t upload any of them.

I think the majority of gmoders already have those maps

Nobody knows anything about the brotherhood.

They’re so secretive that they don’t even have a Steam Group page or a forum, so we don’t know where to find them. In fact, the OP just made this account so the brotherhood can’t be tracked.

He’s also probably going to change his IP soon. You know, to protect the brotherhood.

Because they’re that important.

Yeah. :colbert: