Maps aren't appearing, can't opt out of dev branch.

So I’m running the dev branch and I just reinstalled CSS because some content wasn’t working right(you seriously have to keep the game installed?), but when I went into gmod and hit “new game” I was greeted with this:

So I figured that opting out of the dev branch would likely fix the issue, but when I went to opt out, the dropdown didn’t drop down when I clicked on it…

Loading saves seems to still be working, as does the changelevel console command so there IS a workaround already, but I figure this is still something that needs attention drawn to it.

Haven’t checked the rest of the main menu, but the menu itself is still there and I know there’s a similar but much older issue in the bug tracker no one seems to use ( Unknown if it’s related though(I did recently upgrade to Windows 10).

Merge the code fix from here:

I don’t know how.

Copy and paste the file’s contents into your own client’s version. You really shouldn’t be using the dev branch if you’re not a developer.

I only used the dev branch because I heard certain TF2 maps weren’t working right in the main version.