Maps great for posing?

Since this is the screenshots place, I would like to ask for help. Does anyone know good maps to pose, with vehicles? It should be large. I am trying to make a big battle. If any mods think this is the wrong place, I’m sorry. Please move to the correct location. Thank you!

And maps that are very urban but big or full of plants but big would be nice.

urbax hospital map maybe?

GM_Forest, but you might not be available to pose air vehicles well… (The skybox its really small).

GM_Bigcity, its really big and you can fit in almost anything, but the buildings are kinda low-res.

maps with great lighting, or something like evocity

Like dm_cod4_vacant_rc1

Not urban granted, but here you can stage a pretty big battle. A vast area is cleared for the slaughter:)


Wrong section mate, go to to the map section.

but it needs EP2