Maps implimented?

I was thinking is there going to be a map added in game, Maybe by having 10 cloth in your inventory you can create a map along with some other things? I think it will make the whole game easier for newer people who don’t know the map very well, and it would also help people locate their friends and group up instead of each other running around for a hour or so respawning, and then finally meeting up with little food and supplies.

And yes I know there is maps on Google images but i think that if you create a map in game it would have a little marker or something to show where you crafted the map at, making your house location on the map so you wouldn’t loose it if you go out adventuring.


The game isn’t supposed to be easy, and don’t put a signature if your name is already listed right there.

You know paper is a resource, right?

when the map is created how exactly would you get there?

Also, why didn’t you look at the front page before making this?

Also, if you searched, you would know there have been 50 of these threads.