Maps in Addons

Seeing how I have near 5 maps in my addons folder, I was wondering how this would affect my loadtimes, since I am near 7 minutes of loading. How does GMod load things?
I am not exactly sure how to phrase this. Feel free to make me clarify.

Don’t put them in your addons folder, put them in you maps folder :ms:

I meant maps that are for the folder. Like mobenix, bigcity I think, etc. I am smart enough to know where a .bsp goes.

If you are smart enough then why are you asking us?

:doh: The folders that have settings, materials, maps, etc, and info.txt, you put them in addons so you extract one thing or something (ask the creators why they did so). If I have large folders like that (such as gm_apocalypse) will GMod load that if I am playing a different map, like wirecontruct?

I know that maps are loaded only when requested. I think un-compiled materials and models are loaded if the map isn’t, however.

Yes, of course only the map would load, but other things in the folders loading with it! :psyduck:

Let me sum up basicly what this thread says and what your responce will probably be:
Thread: It’s compilcated and it’s probably the creator’s fault!
You: Wat?

Maps are loaded on request.
Materials and models, even if part of a map addon, if not compiled will load at start.

Yes, the materials folders of my maps are only about 2-5MB but add them all together and they can make a good 15 or 20MB, a nice extra 2 minutes or something. It’s not of much importance to me. I only wanted to know.

An extra second maybe.

Not if his computer is absolute dildos, which it sounds like it is to be honest.

It is. At times it makes me just want to… :smithicide:


I haven’t figured out the MB:loadtime ratio yet.