Maps load, but look wierd?

When I am spawned on a map, the map is covered in rainbow colors instead of the usual green and whatnot. It doesn’t affect gameplay, though.
The same thing happens with Counter Strike: Source; they load, but have RAINBOW colors. Wtf?
My computer has the recommended specs for both the games…

Well, I tried to Google it, and I can’t even see something on that problem. Could you post a screenshot please? Maybe I could get some better keywords.

Yeah, me too… Well, I got Gmod a few hours ago, and from the start, when I clicked “Play Singleplayer” and chose my map, no matter which map it was, when I was spawned everything was in rainbow colored squares. Not pixels, but mid sized squares. Like I said, it doesn’t affect gameplay (all the props can be moved/seen/played around with in their regular appearances), and the sound is alright too. I tried multiplayer, too, and I get the same problem…
Okay, I’ll post some screenshots up in a few hours tops. Thanks for the help.

What are the specs of your computer?

Yeah, like butters asked post your specs just incase.

Wait wait wait, squares? are they purple and black?

Windows XP
Pent. 4 processor(2.8 GHz)
3062 MB RAM
Direct X 9 Graphics card

Oops, sorry… looks like I overestimated my PC for a second there! Still, I shouldn’t be having these problemos…


Yeah… basically the colors you get in the lines when your TV goes berserk… (yellow, purple, black, green, etc.)

Do you have any post processing effects on?

check that your graphic card is not over heating.

@Tobba- what is this and how do I check if I do?

@green bandit- okay, how do I do that?

Sorry guys, I’m kinda a noob…

Still no screenshots? THey will help us figure out the problem dude!

I’ll get them up as soon as possible…

Q->Post Processing, check if you have anything ticked there, if so untick them

Nope, nothing ticked…


How does one post pictures on this site? I’ve got them ready, but I can’t copy them on this reply box…


How does one post pictures on this site? I’ve got them ready, but I can’t copy them on this reply box…

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\catsnpickles\garrysmod\garrysmod\screenshots


Ahh would someone please tell me how this works!

You have to host the pictures on an image hosting site first, such as imageshack or tinypic.

Thanks for the screenshot in advance, these will help us a lot more than words ^^

Thanks guys… let’s try this out…


Tell me if you guys need more!

Aw, F it… just go here I’ve got 2 screenies on my facebook…

that is really fucking weird. might be your GPU going…?

True, true… what’s GPU?


that be the graphics processing unit, mah boi