Map's missing for other's, using a FastDL server, map download works for me.. ?

So yeah, my map in my fastdl dir. isn’t working properly. I can download it, but when other players try to, it gives “Missing map maps/rp_downtown_v2w.bsp” Why is this so? Could you give me troubleshooting options? Thank you.


are you calling it properly?

Im not sure if there’s a resource.addfile for it.

This is really bugging me, it’s been after the steam server’s going down, and the 106 update.
Some players get in, I can, but like completely new guys, can’t make it in.

You don’t need resource.AddFile for it. What’s the FastDL link you’re using?

When was the last time you got the map? Also, is net_maxfilesize 999 on? net_maxfilesize changes the amount of mb a file can have to reach the download. So like, if net_maxfilesize is on 64 and the map is 65 mb. It would give you: Missing maps because the file is too big.

Oh and, this is for the server. simply: In the server console or server.cfg add: net_maxfilesize 999

It could be netmaxfile, but isn’t that only for non fastdl servers?
Also, test my link.

The maxfilesize is clamped to 64mb.

Any Luck…?

mine works, try putting:

sv_downloadurl “fastdl url”
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

in to game.cfg

Is the map in add-on format? If so try just putting it it in the maps folder of your fastdl repository.