Maps needed for our new "Zambeez" Gamemode!

G’day everyone.

I’m here in need to find some really good maps for a gamemode a friend of mine coded (Mike dax) or

The simplest way to describe this gamemode is it is an excellent blend of Crysis ,HL2 Deathmatch and COD with some zombies added to the mix!
Right now I’m looking for some maps that will suit the game-mode. I’d prefer a slightly larger than normal ZM map for the server. As the players and zombies are fast moving and very jumpeh! As well as preferring a map that’s a got a decent amount of quality.

Heres the IP:
Or if you want to join it right now, This quite nifty link instantly takes you there!

The server is based in Australia. And right now Mike’s making ZW2, (whilst I make a map for him) If you want to see ZW2 in development. Check Mike’s youtube channel

Aswell as The Official steam group The Zambeeverse, and my steam group, Which is placed to round-up players (As we are fairly low on players right now)

Back on topic. I’m interested in any time of map, not just ZM.

Making your own maps would be best, because you could make it fit how you want it to with your game mode.
BTW reppin Australia bro :3

Thanks but. It takes ALOT of time and effort to make a whole series of maps man.

Don’t be lazy

that sounds fucking awful

Be quiet slut :v:

I will map for money, my name is Kruma.

Try not to judge, before remotely looking at the game mode atleast? I’ve uploaded some pictures.

Since you asked so nicely, babe.

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On a side note; I’ll map for sex.

Crysis is a fast paced shooter. CoD is a slow, camper shooter, hl2 is a much more dynamic blend of the two. How the hell do you mix them?