Maps not downloading from Toybox?

I’ve noticed that a few of the maps in the toybox are not downloading. The file indicators at the bottom just turn red, disappear, and the map icon gets stuck with the spinning ‘loading’ sign. This is happening with a map I uploaded as well. I’m thinking it was something I did but I can’t find anything wrong. I’ve gone through and updated all of the required information as well as completely re-uploading the entire thing. I really want to get this working so that I can get feedback on any obvious errors so that I can continue working on the map as this happens to everyone else too.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

–I posted this under the Toybox section however I think it fits better here. Move or delete either if you like.


Just because you can’t download doesn’t mean others can’t, they may be able to play your map fine.
Infact tell me the name of it and I’ll see if I can get it.

As for the actual issue, you said you launch the game straight from the toybox menu, or do you download the maps THEN load them? If not then download and launch them from the single player menu

It was an issue server-side. Garry just fixed it.