maps now 44% smaller wtf!

Maps are now 44% smaller … this is going to wreck the game who agrees?

not me. less running and more pvp

I think 3k is a perfect size. We will see much more action and fighting for ressources.

I think its gonna be towers everywhere and people just base camping their towers shooting from tower to tower… it’s going to be too tight you won’t be able to run anywhere safe from a sniper tower

Like beat said, Less running more pvp, thank GOD. coming from legacy map. those maps were a nightmare. love the change, i hope lots of servers will choose 3k.

I honestly dislike the new map size for standard gameplay, especially if they are going to add vehicles and stuff like that. I liked things being spaced out, server already felt crowded with bases everywhere on old map size. IMHO have multiple somewhat large size islands and alternate some of them with archipelagos of medium to small sized islands, have it all connect with boats and hot air balloons. Have all major islands connected somehow by a water current so a very low tier raft would be useful for transporting oneself.

Then find a server that doesn’t use 3k maps.


This. Or start your own server. With beer…

It’s not that easy …


well so far everything the team have done have been for the better -ladder . so lets see how this will turn out. it could turn out great or shitty . if its shitty the will just change it back no need to cry and moan like your getting butt raped with a 50meter dildo

i though 1meter would hurt enough

It’s more like a thousand meter dildo… 1000 x 1000 to be exact

Theoretically speaking it wouldn’t be possible to get fucked by a 1000 metre dildo as non exist.

Maps now default to 44% smaller than before. If a server owner wants to create a larger map, they can just edit the default values.

so mapsize vs dildo-length?

Why does there need to be a default map to begin with?

Why couldn’t there be a few map and/or size options for the server admins to choose as they wish? Is this not technologically possible with this game?

There is Server owners can adjust the map size by changing the maps seed size.

Thanks…I made a new post to clarify. :slight_smile:

They can change the size … however me and my guys play on rustafied servers which are all going to the smaller map

Sounds like a personal problem, you just answered your own question. Play on a server not using smaller map.