maps/rp_flatgrass_final.bsp' size exceeds net_maxfilesize limit <16 MB>

I get this error when starting a Darkrp server. Can you explain this? Anysolutions?

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seriously can someone help? isnt this what the forum is for?

If you are trying to have the server load a very large map, try adding this to your server.cfg and restarting the server.

net_maxfilesize 600

net_maxfilesize 600 is useless, net_maxfilesize 64 is the highest you can go.

If the Fileseize is more than 64MB you will need Fast-DL.

generally you want FastDL anyway

That’s the thing, there is no official cap on the amount of MB is allowed to be used with file size, it is user set.

Oh thanks guys…I tried setting up fast download on x10hosting…but I don’t think it worked so I just re-installed gmod and everything else and forgot about it. I just couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to do it.