Maps that are your all time favorites/you reccomend

I recently got GMod really optimized in terms of loading times, now switching maps is common for me but there are way too many good maps out there and are buried under poorly made ones, I’d appreciate if someone had a very good airport map or nice maps with HDR or nice lighting.
I guess many other people will enjoy maps too so feel free to recommend us, I’ll share some of my favorites.


It has very nice interiors for stores and the mall itself, music and extremely detailed textures and models, not very well known, only problem i have with it is the FPS drop. However it requires EP2, L4D2, TF2 so if you own them, I will highly recommend this.


Acceptable lighting and good map planning/areas and fully noded, also includes very high textures , Requires TF2.


Pretty small map, has a fun control panel, nice for multiplayer and NPC fights.


Rather big map, not very detailed, features some unique features and is certainly fun to explore/play in


Scenic and optimized, pretty fun to have fights with friends


Huge and beautiful with nice trees and custom soundscapes. Has HDR and LDR aswell.



“The perfect map for creating a unit of measure out of!”

Heh. Long story short my internet was out and I couldn’t remember how many feet were in a mile so I created a distance measurement based on the distance from one flat side of flatgrass to another.

I dub it, A GMile.

Some decent maps:
gm_calamitycoast -A pretty good map. Geometry is somewhat basic but features a decent bit of destroy-able buildings along with at the center of the map, a nice sized bridge that can be destroyed and regenerated with a button.

gm_excessisland - a large-ish building map in the middle of the ocean.

gm_excesswater - a slightly less nice map inland that features lots of canals.

gm_bay - Extremely similar in style to gm_valley. Feels like it could have come straight out of HL2. Features waterfront, beach, buildings, and a little village like thing on one side.

(The old) Freespace. I can’t remember what year version but it had a lake on one side that was huge. This was fairly popular back in the day so I ought not mention it but what ever. Somewhat dark, has a small city next to some ramps. Somewhat dark.

Sorry if any of the maps are popular and don’t fit the description of the OP. I don’t keep too up to date with the mapping community.

I like Mobenix_v2.

It has a nice mix of everything and I like the room with the teleports that take you to the different parts of the map.

Which version.


As a big TTT fan: ttt_rooftops_a2 and ttt_amsterville. Also de_ARGHHH and de_Wham_City.


gm_bigcity? Nobody?

67thway and whitehouse I like… whitehouse a bit simple/small but oh well, the downstairs location is cool.

Really enjoyed Phys_Temple. For those who haven’t played it, it’s a cluster of well made, 100% destructible stone structures, along with several pre-made chaos sequences selectable on an in-game control panel. Good fun. And somehow, the constant engine updates haven’t broken it, like other ‘destructible’ physics maps.

I also liked Phys_dmm_house a lot, but I recently lost it, and its’ creator removed it from the workshop. Anyone have a copy, or know where I can find it?

(Crappy screenshot, in case that jogs anyone’s memory.)

Snarp the below

Snarp the above.

Anywho, If you have GMOD and don’t have Bigcity, there’s probably no hope for you. I mean, who hasn’t at least heard of Bigcity?

Ok reread the op again and apparently it doesn’t actually say you shouldn’t post popular maps.

The ‘cool’ singleplayer maps by Miigga are pretty well made, good npc fights and all that. Dooleus of gamebanana does some really good arenas for npc fights as well.

I think i still have it

I guess all or almost all of us on facepunch know about gm_bigcity.

Really? Could you post it somewhere that I could download it from? (Drobox, etc.)? It’d be a real help if you could.