Maps that don't need CSS

Anyways, guys, I’m looking for some maps that don’t need any textures or models or materials or crap from CSS. I have HL2 and Wiremod and PHX. If you guys could hook me up with some cool maps (Cities, towns, etc.), I would really AP-PRE-CIA-TE it. Gracias.


Hooray for first posts!

Hooray for me…

but maybe i can help you, go to
go to the maps section and download my map pack.

gm_superstruct -
freespace_revolution -
gm_bigcity -
City 8: District 9 -
City 8: Central -
to name a few

Zombie Master map packs :wink: And gm_bigcity that i know

Well most maps use css stuff so just go to best buy and buy CSS pack with DoD: S and HL2: Deathmatch for 20$