Maps turn black or rainbow textured.

When ever i play gmod on maps like construct or almost any map that isn’t flat (I.E flatgrass) turns black or has rainbow like textures (bad for scout) could someone tell me how to fix this.



We’re going to need your computer specs.

I’d try reinstalling gmod.

Ive had this problem on my other computer, its because you need to update the drivers for your video card.

Er how do i do this.

What video card do you have?

intel® G45/G43 Express Chipset.

Artifact issue. Try updateing your drivers to a new/stable version

I went to the intel website it says i have the latest video drivers.

hey this is like how my fire doesnt have the fire sprite only smoke well tell me if you find naythgin that fixes it

Intel Graphics and Orange Box engine DO NOT get along.

Get a non-Intel graphics card.

god damnit intel SUCKS it cant play fallout or orange box.

I have the same problems. I can’t see fire and the graphics bug out at times. It sucks.

Intel aren’t a graphics card company, they only make shit ones. You could get a cheap ATI/Nvidia one for very little amount of money that could make it run a lot better.

I have an Intel graphics card nothing wrong with my gmod.

If you’re running an Intel card, this is why it fails. Intel Graphics and the Orange Box engine (that Garry’s Mod runs on) don’t like each other, and commonly you’ll have graphical issues.