Maps will not run in game.

Okay. So I saved a map as gm_test in hammer. (I used Half Life 2) Then, I opened up half life 2, ran the map like normal, and this time, it was my old map! (also named gm_test, I over wrote it.) I tried again at least 10 times and still not luck. Can someone please tell me what to do?!

PS:After it works, can I just drag the .bsp in to my Garrysmod>Maps folder and it will work?


Nevermind, fixed

You need to re-compile every time you make changes to a map for those changes to show in-game.

If you’ve only changed entities (so props and logic stuff, etc) you can set VBSP to “Only entities” and all the other settings to “no” for a really fast compile time.