Maps with CheckerBoard-- Purple/Black

I got a map and there is checkerboard where i’m assuming I have missing textures. Is there anyplace I can get them, or do I have to get new games on Steam for that???

What source games do you have, and what map were you on

this or we can’t help you.

I was using the RP_Downtown_V2 map file.
And the source games I have-
HL2-Lost Coast

You need Counter-Strike: Source for Downtown to work.

Why don’t the uploaders post a list of what you need???

Because most people already have CS:S

Oh. Can anyone post a list of a few maps that only require HL2?
That would help me a ton.



and a bunch of HL2RP maps use only default textures; seriously just search

Ok. Thanks corky.


I searched HL2RP and got 1 map but no others.
Any other good keywords for HL2 ONLY maps?

Yeah, I have the same problem, except for the fact that I have Counter Strike Source… Just bought it.

Get Episode 2 and CS:S, those are the main 2 games used by Garry’s mod files.

Probably the best idea, Oppy…

I just bought CSS thanks guys for all your help.