Maps with unacessable rooms

Okay so on certain maps (gm_area51 for instance), there are rooms that will not allow you to get in them no matter how hard you try. God mode? No, tried it. Noclip? Also tried it. So this is really annoying me. Is there anyway that you can get into these rooms, or should I go begging to the creator of these maps to help me get in. It’s probably not even important that I get in, but I like to take screenshots in gmod and I was hoping to get some good shots of those rooms. Any advice?

Agon The Author

Ok, I havn’t played the map, but from what I understand… It is just a block, there is no inside room. it is just meant to be looked at from outside to LOOK like a building or what ever it is meant to be.

okay, so for instance in gm_bigcity there is a room that no one can get in by noclipping. In that room is a special garden gnome thing that talks to you when you hit it and stuff. In gm_area51, in the gigantic tower that overlooks the map, right above that top room if you go directly up, you will be transported to another part of the tower. So, why does it do this and is there a way around it?

Isn’t there a console command to teleport to coordinates?

Mainly because the authors don’t want you to see that part? There’s either nothing to see there or it’s unnecessary for you to go there. For instance if you go to the top of a big tower, the author might not want you to and teleports you back down because if you stand at the top you can see straight out to nothing because the author was too lazy to make a 3D skybox.

This has been said by TH3_L33T already anyway…

If you can build a teleporter with the Wire Hoverdrive, then you might be able to get in. Look for tutorials on The Google.


I don’t want to be rude but i don’t think that this belongs in the mapping section :confused:

It’s about maps so how doesn’t it ?

Maps or Contraptions, neither haha

There is?

Open console and type these commands in order:

sv_cheats 1
ent_remove_all trigger_teleport
ent_remove_all trigger_hurt

This will only work if you’re in SP mode or you own the server. If there are any other legitimate trigger_hurts or trigger_teleports in the map, those will also be removed. Some maps may use other triggers like trigger_remove, trigger_vphysics_trap, etc.

GM_bigcity has a built in teleporter that gets you into that room. Its on the edge of the map, in one of the alleys. It takes you into that room.

Most rooms that are like that have teleporters to get into them. You just have to be a little creative to get into them. HiddenMyst made a map with a room like that, and the method to get in is extremely hard to find out, very clever though.

You pressed a button, then noclipped under the ground, waited 3 seconds, were teleported, got out of noclip and walked through a short hallway with fancy doors opening while the theme music to “Get Smart” played, got to the end and were teleported to an “admin room”.

Man, when I found that out, I creamed myself. That was awesome.

what map was this


I now want to see this

Cant find a Button on the map xD

create a camera. no colide it to world with an addon. puch it in with physgun.

Shit name, but it ain’t changing.