Maps won't download

When i try to join a server with a map i haven’t for example City 11, It won’t download! That pretty much annoy me.
Why is that?

Errors? Any messages at all? Saying “it won’t download” doesn’t give any information.

Go to and download the map -.-

Ya, the same thing happens to me. :sigh:

Just download it out of game, the in game downloader takes far too long.

For instance, I tried joining a prop hunt server and they were playing on cs_office,

I currently don’t have CSS, and yeah, it basically says “you don’t have the map, returning to lobby”

“The following map is missing: (Enter mapname here). Disconnecting…”

Download the map out of the game? Seems pretty easy to think of yourself.

Considering most roleplay maps are over 40mb, alot of hosts have the setting not to allow the uploads of maps, because, well, it would lag people to shit to upload it to you…