This is my second suggestion. In this game you die frequently and get raided frequently. When you die and get raided and your bed gets destroyed you get randomly spawned. Finding your home is a hassle (if you don’t want to build a new house and just want to fix the one that got raided. I think there should be a 20% percent chance of maps spawning inside of a red crate and + 10% for every higher level crate (example yellow crate 30%). The map will not show your position on the map. It will show mountains and maybe (or not) the pre made buildings where you can find the crate. The map could show small or large areas of the map (local or city wide maps). All of this will be random but better maps will be in harder to reach areas (radiated areas). This could help locate looting areas. As I said the map wont show your location but land marks. You can try to locate the warehouse you found it in by going out side and looking for any mountains near you. Maybe compasses to help with it. No GPS. The electro magnetic shock from the nuclear explosions fried the circuitry of the gps (complete guess, I do not know the reason of radiation of the area).

-I do not have a key for the game so sorry if any information is wrong.

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Feedback will be appreciated.

We’re all very sure that adventually there will be a new map, better map, and have some way of finding your way around.

The current map will most like be expanded on as the current area is limited by a Radiation Barrier to stop players going out too far. So basically the map is already made its just limited for the Pre-Alpha testers. Further more a in-game map will more than likely be made and implemented, maybe even a GPS of some kind but I hope not. Possible even a Compass.

All in due time.

Maps… Sure possibly in the future but i would suggest more land marks so people can navigate around a in a more effiecient manner. :wink:

One thing I really want to know what is the actual playable area of rust anyone got a pic of it?