MapVote addon is not working

KMapVote is not working and please dont give me crap about coderhire things. thank you now here is the problem

Any idea why? i installed it correctly but whenever i try to do a rtv in ulx as superadmin it dosent work and this is the output! anything

Post your code. Also, is the addon a Coderhire addon or something?

Yes but i didnt technically pay for it. a friend is loaning it to me so i can clone his server.

function rtv( calling_ply )
if calling_ply:IsValid() then
MAPVOTE:PlayerRTV( calling_ply )
if ulx then
local rtvCmd = ulx.command( “KMapVote”, “rtv”, rtv, “!rtv”, true )
rtvCmd:defaultAccess( ULib.ACCESS_ALL )
rtvCmd:help( “Vote for a change of map” )

If your friend is loaning you something that has a license saying specifically that you cannot redistribute or resell the code, you are breaking CoderHire Rules.
You are not allowed to use a script without purchasing it. How would you feel if you coded something and put hard work into it, all to see that someone is sharing it to their friends?

Probably have to ask the mod creator for assistance. You can’t give us code and it sounds like your using an outdated version. And your “Loneing to clone a server” statement is mussy at best. So I’m not sure I believe that.

fine im sorry i just wanted some help could someone atleast tell me why its doing this?

Probably modified code, maybe your ‘friend’ changed the code.
Follow goodman’s advice, ask the creator, and if you downloaded it/got from a friend, he will not help you.

Ok is there any other way i could vote for gamemodes?

Don’t post any more code and you should remove code you already put. Contact KamShak on Steam, he is a great guy. That is unless you pirated it.

Check the configuration, it is VERY detailed, so detailed it is nearly embarrassing if you can’t get gamemode voting working.

Code your own gamemode/map voting system, hire a coder, or fork out $30 for a script that would cost you $150 to get done

well is there any other way? i dont really want to spend 30+ dollars on a script

No one really wants to help someone who stole someone else’s code.

I didnt really steal it per say, i borrrowed it from my friend. not really the same

Still didn’t pay for it.

I uploaded a movie to the internet for thousands to use and see it. But don’t worry, they’re my friends.

Eh they are only files i dont see why you should pay for them

What? Drugs sir?

Windows 7 is only a collection of files too…
So is every peace of software ever.

What do they have in common? Someone spent, hours, days, weeks, years… working on designing and creating them. Putting their tears and sweat into building them. Should they not be rewarded for doing such? IE Selling a product… that they made?

How do you expect the world to work if everything is free? You commie.

The author deserves to be paid for their work.

You are only allowed to use the script for a single community with one bought license. If your friend doesn’t use his anymore he can contact me about it and i can transfer it to you, no need to pay twice if he doesn’t use his anymore.

I put quite a lot of work into this script, those are not only files that came out of nowhere. Additionally you get full, personal support and a custom skin for the script once you buy it and can have problems like the one you’re having now solved very quickly. I assure you that it is well worth the price.

If your server budget doesn’t allow you to get the script please consider the free alternatives. Leaked scripts are never a good idea, they only get you banned from CH, are outdated and often contain backdoors.