Mapvote for Zombiesurvival server!

Hello everyone!
First, sorry for my english, i’m french. ^^

My problem is, my server won’t to create the mapvote a the end of the zombiesurvival…
I use this addon, (i place it in server/garrysmod/addons)
I have already changed the prefix selection map. (“zs_”)
But i think the problem is, the addon don’'t recognize the end of the zombiesurvival mod :confused:

Please help me, it’s really annoying for me and my server…

Post the link to the addon.

Oh sorry i didn’t post the link!

Make sure you installed it correctly and downloaded the config file from the OP. Although I’m not sure on if it works in ZS, I can personally vouch for this working really well on TTT.

“the config file from the OP” What is OP?
I just put the mapvote into my addon server, i did something wrong?

OP: Original Poster

You are the OP of this thread

Willox is the OP of that thread you posted.

I believe tyrantelf’s fork should automatically work with Zombie Survival, which happens to be on the workshop.

Willox, i need to extract the GMA file from the workshop and put it in addon, or just link the workshop item to my server?

Can i add you to my steam friends? Just for help me, i’m working on this since 1 days i’m bored…

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I have download a new version of this addon, the !RTV is working, but he don’t want to launch the mapvote when the zombiesurvival end…

Then change it? We aren’t gonna spoon feed you it, and define “working on this since 1 day”, what have you actually searched? What have you tried? Have you bothered to look at the code?

I think it’s just the addon, didn’t work on ZS.

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Do you have another addon for mapvote?

Or just change the method to get the round number to the ZS equivalent.


I have no idea what ZS gamemode you’re using nor the method to get the round number; find it.

I think the method for the round number in ZS is GetWave if I recall correctly but you should really be using a hook called EndRound or something like that… I don’t remember exactly but you should be able to search for it in the zombiesurvival/gamemode/init.lua