Marble Machine: Marble Madness

I started this off with a little contraption to throw the balls around.
When I got tired of resetting them manually, I used the transportation mod to recycle the ones that fell into the little box.
When I started throwing them around the whole map, I setup a river dredging system to scoop them out of the water and bring them back to the box.

The save can be found here if anyone wants to try it out:

*Warning: need a decent computer or it will lag bad.

For some reason, I love this.

I think it reminds me of my K’nex days

I was always a lego guy myself

we need a large lego model pack so we can build lego forts, planes, buildings and cars :v:

this is actually pretty good

There was one back when gmod10 first came out, but it had a bad hitbox

Edit: these look ok

anyway, enough of thread derailment

Nice revival of an old idea.

that muffin’s gone crazy…lost his damn marbles…
kewl. Thumbs up, I like. Something new something different.

I had this Amazing™ idea a while back. We should get a load of people together to build a giant marble machine, each person making one module.
Like the lego Great Ball Contraption events.

I tried throwing some ideas around but nobody was interested.