Another survivor ? Maybe ^^

Actually it is my new parthack models, i use this models from the mod “Get a Life”

And i do this

I call him Marcel !

Why Marcel ? Because in France (i’m not french) a teeshirt with no sleeve is calling marcel ^^

I hope you like it :wink:


extract to your addons folder.

The shirt looks weird.


I mean, shouldn’t it look more like:

With those wrinkles near the shoulders, it looks more like it was a short sleeved t-shirt, but he for some reason pulled the sleeves back to make it look like a sleveless one. Also his arms look really wierd, especially the part near the shoulders (I mean the texture, the mesh looks fine).

Reminds me of Marcellus Wallace, except he doesn’t look black, bald, and this Marcel looks like a bitch.

Does he look like a bitch?
(with them arms, I’d say yes)

The shirt wrinkles on the shoulder look rather weird and too excessive not your fault since the original had that, but you could’ve improved it a bit. c:

jesus christ what happened to this guy? Anorexia?

He looks veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery homosexual.




He looks like a homosexual smug cunt from a beach advert.
do not like.

Damn those eyes are creepy…
Seriously… they’re like a DOLLS eyes… glaring into your soul…

The face bump maps make the ragdoll not very good

Make the shirt pink and you have yourself a sterotypical gay guy.

Do you actually make any models that don’t include male_09 and bright blue eyes? damn fetishes

It’s true, you right! I confess that male_09 is my favorite model in the category of male!


Yeah i love you too

I like it, even if it looks little bit gay. I’m actually using this in my comic. As head character. :downs:

So am I slayer :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks gayer than Half-Dead’s skin.

Have a rainbow. c: