March 2021 - News - s&box

Gg pals garry’s mod successor is finished :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I just found out about S&Box and omg, I can not wait to buy this game!

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I love the glow effect for models, and it’s super nice that you can configure it.

Would like to see some kind of in-game scripting language that would be really simple for people to use, but those buttons look really good to link up to things.

I played a game in the past where you could code things in a menu, split by… “Action” - EG on click, “Target” - door, “Result” - toggle open / closed. This could probably be coded into the game anyway.

Great job as always, I’m interested to get a test key to build stuff on it, found bugs and exploits.

Good Work ! <3

I just created an account to say that I am really hyped for S&Box, also I can’t wait to get my hands on the game and start making addons for it. I do really hope to get a key.

Keep up the great work <3


This is looking real nice great job people

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Good shit, can’t wait to play this or even make stuff on it however long it would take!

we are waiting :slight_smile:

hell yeah, you guys are great

I cant wait to start working on the game >->

Finally a sequel to gmod Great work!!

Can’t wait to play around with making new creations, gamemodes and just anything with s&box.

I love seeing the use of Rust assets. Brings back the GMod vibes of porting things from different games and using them differently. I’m so ready to play this.

The game really is coming along. Can’t wait!

Can’t wait to see the migration of Gmod players over here. But I can’t get over the Hotdog men, they’ve evolved to make sure they can’t be choked

I am so Hyped! I wonder how you would get a key? looking great Gary!