March to the Drumbeat of Victory!! (My Rendition of the Russian Revolution)

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i lol’d

Love the posing as always

All I need to try to do is to find the CCCP flag…

For some reason it reminds me of Dégénération in one of their Mes Aieux videos.

Nice posing.

i lol’d mate :smiley:

Heavy total war much? :smiley:

Ta tata taaa taaa I felt so patriotic when I saw this:) Nice posing. Have a funnie.

Lol peasant heavy at the left.
Havy a funny.

I’m also going to try to work on some other things such as “General Heavy Crosses the Volga River” the “Signing of the Declaration of Collectivization” and the “Cossack Charge”

^— All Heavy Renditions
Still cant find any powdered wigs or fur hats

Still planning on how the pyro would get his eyes though

To war my Russian Brothers! We shall use the plan from Red Storm Rising!


double post

I LOL’D when I saw the drum sticks, the picture was epic! And the flag is from kathars models.

First thing that came to mind. :ussr: