Marching Until Death

Play it all at the same time

Any C&C is appreciated. Also my first attempt at decent edit. Enjoy!

Ladiiies and Gentlemen, i give you not one, not two, but ** three ** youtube videos. It’s a pretty cool combo, I like the pic very much. What I would have added is a kind of distortion that occurs from fire to the air making the air look wavy above the fire. One could use a filter in photoshop under the distort setting.

If you will give me a tip how to make a distortion in GIMP, ya got the point.

Anyway, thanks mate for a critique!

nevermind, got it

If you add a filter that makes this effect, it really brings out the heat.

why the hell do you put your scene’s atmosphere into youtube videos instead of into the scene itself?

idk ma
i know ego trip sucks, but i think it’s pretty solid

it is
that was his point, you dont need 3 videos just for this

If so, then I apologise for not getting it right.