Marcus Wright - Not a man, not a machine.

Kari made the scenebuild in the background, so some credits for him too.


Stupid texture bug on the removed beard.

Very nice editing, looks like some jealous guy voted dumb on this. Ignore him, good job man!
Just wondering why a robot is bleeding tho.

Paint for ya!

That dumb is gonna be wipe out to oblivion by all the artists you will get.
This picture is awesome. I love the blood and the light, nice editing!

All terminators with living skin coverings have internal pumps to simulate bleeding, for better disguise.

Related to Marcus Wainwright?

Who’s that?

Googlety googley…

Looks cool.
Also dumb people who rate others dumb for dumb reasons are dumb themselves!

He’s a manchine.

pretty good picture.

I came

I know i shouldnt share my view since im gonna get flamed until im a pile of ash, but i dont like it.
The metal looks like its just been stuck on, theres no depth, looks very fake.
The hair looks bad, i think its cause you dont have any shadeing on it, it looks very obvious that youve just had fun with the brush.
And the blood looks poor.
I think its the metal that ruins it for me, maybe if your air brushed it with some faint blood. It looks too much like its from a completely different picture.
However the editing with fitting the head onto the jacket it good, not sure about the background, maybe it should be darker?
But a good effort none the less.

For some reason I knew the name, so I Googled it and it came up with someone I don’t recognise at all. I think he’s a designer or something.

Perhaps I was subconciously thinking of Rufus Wainwright (who’s name I also knew, but didn’t know who he actually was, so I just had to Google him to find out).

I think I won’t say anything, so you won’t end up like this.

Daleks: TO-O LA-TE Fires rayguns

But yeah his view is okay. and sorta right

Ohhh! Makes sense, I’ve never been to much of a terminator fan, atleast not enough to learn any lore or pay attention to the movies to closely (I know I’m weird haha). But yet again, kudos! Keep up the good work man.

And… Darius you might want to look at the 2 originals he used, He mixed 2 models together to make that one and didn’t just slap on metal

** dear god! aghhhhhh! **


I know but i still dont think it looks good, maybe its just the way im looking at it.

So? It still looks nearly depthless, he’s right.

Hey Darius, I dont want to sound like a douche but you seem to have a good eye for pics, are you a good editor? I would like to see a picture edited by you. I know you are just giving you opinion, and its a possibility that you dont edit pictures at all and you just like giving your personal opinion.

Sorry for going offtopic Joazz!

ive seen your comment so im guessing you seen it.