Marder III Ausf M

Bonus: Some massive tractor with steering and suspension.

Love the tracks. The back of the gun could use some work

I severely approve of this contraption.

oh god

badass tractor

That is one awesome tank, love the treads. the Ubertractor is fucking awesome.

Massive Tractor!

I like the tank, but yes the 2 or 1 outer wheel/s should be cogs but the mid 1s should be wheels

proportions seem wonky, but the tracks are nice. haven’t seen you post anything in a long while, bowser.

Sweet tank.

Agreed about the tracks, great idea. Iv been playing around trying to make some detailed tanks lately and struggling on the tracks, iv may have to borrow this concept for them :smiley:

i like the tractor more tbh

I’m 1337, i’m 9 and I fight dirty, whorin around in my big tractor, I'm 1337, i'm 9 and I fight dirty, whorin around in my big tractor. Oh god that brings back such BF2 memories.

Hehe i’m just an amateur compared to what some of you guys build and post here. I usually mess around a bit on singleplayer and sometimes something semi-decent comes out. :smile:

wtf you talkin’ bout, your shit is always awesome.

hehe thanks! :biggrin:

I added a halfarsed video to OP, incase anyone wants to see the vehicles moving.

Looks fine to me, fuck yeah fake treads, but you’re missing the lower part :v: