Marine Assault

Recently upgraded my rig and Garrys Mod runs fantastic now. I can use as many lamps as I want without the frame loss bullshit, this Sapphire R9-280 was worth it.
Map is CSGO’s de_dust2 converted to Gmod

I would like to focus more on posing and more time with Photoshop and familiarizing myself with all the tools it offers (any good tips ya’ll can throw at me?)

*Might be a little too much chromatic aberration, did my best to make sure it wasn’t overkill.

could have used a more interesting muzzle flash design

How would I find or make a better one? Still new to Photoshop, every bit helps.

experiment with smoke brushes a little and try and see if you can come up with something nice looking

or use this, download the 3k x 10k version

I Really like the pictures, i do agree. the muzzle flash’s could have a lil work. i could port some more maps from CSGO, just tell me what map and ill do it (I’ve done it before.)

Really like the edit. I can see how the pc helped. Looks really detailed in comparison to your previous pics.

Thanks! I can see how I improved from from the past to the present, example here:

Also, anyone got a link to those SEAL guys? I lost them a while ago.

Have no clue where one would find SEAL models, maybe ask in screenshot chat thread. By the way, how do you make those cs go maps work in gmod?

Made by ddok1994, link still works:

Nice job man, i like this one.

Oh, BTW, there where billions of de_dust / 2 ports to Gmod or CS:S, if you need a link i have one in my MF storage, tell me and i’ll give it to you