Marine beach landing

I’m just testing some Marine skins that I’m working on hexing a pack together with multiple variations of.

Fucking Johnson, wake the fuck up, we’re here.

Stop sleeping on top of the boat tank thing, you’ll get bad posture.


Nice posing and the camera angle and zoom are good too.

I’ve always loved you poses and skins, So accurate <3

I can’t help but notice the comic sans julie on the side

but I don’t say that to detract from the good posing and angling of the picture

Very cool… but Comic Sans? :suicide:

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It was already on the model. The model was ported by bloocobalt. I would NEVER make something that blatantly lame in post processing. Hell, I should have removed it but I paid no attention to it because I’m just trying to show off the skins really :v:

Hey Great picture, those skins look great!.

By The Way…What map is that?

The map’s dod_peleliu. It’s small, kinda shitty but at the right angle you can get something pretty decent shots out.

I plan on doing a public release of these skins in a generic squad sized pack (about 13 marines). Due to possessing zero modelling knowledge or programs for that matter, I’m trying my best to keep them as unique as possible even just as re-skins.

Keep an eye out in the coming days if you’re interested!

This is a great picture.

Also, is it just me, or does Faraon_ZzZ rate all the good pictures dumb?

Yup, he’s a moron like that.

It’s not just you. He’s just being an ass.

Faraon hopes that when he’s given enough dumbs he can use all the boxes to make a fort out of them, but I digress, I was actually watching The Pacific the other day and I must say I need to watch it again now, love this, have a artistic my good man.