Marine Corps Dress Blues

Well, here goes another humble request for Garrysmod.

I am requesting Marine’s in their Alpha Blues.

Far Left, and Middle.

I am requesting these for multiple purposes, but for the main fact that it is Christmas time and I feel like making some screenshots for shits and giggles. So I was thinking instead of people thinking I am some 5 year old, because I had the main idea of a short comic using Santa, I think I have a better idea. Every Christmas time there are always people that can’t afford presents, and have to find a way to get presents, so I was thinking, well why not make a comic of some family that gets their presents delivered by Santa, or so they think. My comic will mostly be about U.S Marines giving toys to the less fortunate, yeah I know it may sound stupid, but it’s original.

Toys for Tots Program Logo
Now if someone makes these I am requesting around 5 variations, which are the following:

Private First Class

Lance Corporal



Staff Sergeant

All of them can have the same medals, it does not matter, but their TIU (Time in Unit) stripes should all be different, seeming a PFC cannot be in for 2 years and a Sergeant be in for 2 years. Mostly the medals can range from anywhere, hell if you want give the Staff Sergeant a Silver Star, or a PFC the CMoH, like I said it doesn’t matter.

So, like always, whoever even attempts to make these models, It will be very much appreciated. Hopefully someone can get these done.

I myself was actually reskinning the class B soldiers from LT_C and Taggart’s release to fit the USMC class uniform, though I know you’re only looking for the dress blues. unless you strictly want the USMC dress blue uniform, my reskins wont be available until next week. The only thing is that the model uses the Berets, which marines do not wear.

Can be? :slight_smile:

the pic above looks like the Navy’s dress blue uniform reskined to be the Marine’s dress blue. Marine’s dress blues collars are popped up and closed together. and no neck tie is worn. also, the belt buckle is missing the golden brass with the Eagle Globe and Anchor embedded in it.

However, it could be reskined to look more like the USMC’s service uniform.

I think that could work as kind of a Stature for a model, but wold have to be highly re-modeled for any resemblance to a U.S Marine.

And MeLuckyCharms, when you get those done send them to me, they might work, and I was actually looking for Class Uniforms as well.

Hitman: Blood Money, maybe someone can ripp this model.

Hahaha, this made me buy Blood Money on Steam. God, this is going to be one fun night.

I have a 2 kinds of Marines (3d models in T-pose)

  1. the Marine that you show here
  2. the typical marine of infantry with the green uniform

excuse my ignorance as to names :wink:

Oooh, I like the one in his Class Uniform. And I hope the one in the BDU’s is from the 70’s - 90’s. Modern day Marines wear MARPAT. Either way, I like them both but I would prefer someone rigs the one in Class Uniforms, although an old bloody guy knocking on your door isn’t the type of thing I had in mind.

Oh and if you can Luxox, get the models from Hitman: Blood Money and put them in 3DS, I’ll beg someone to rig them. :wink:

Also, one more thing, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault I believe has some Marines in their Alpha and Bravo Dress Blues, as well as Officer Uniforms and Navy Uniforms. Maybe someone can grab those in 3DS and rig them.