Marine Curb stomps a Fire warrior

My Boot and your face are about to meet for the first and last time.

Emperor know’s he deserves it.
that xeno scum
I thought they bleed red just like everyone else does in the 40k universe.
great picture though.

tau are faggots and bleed blue
and why are you cool cats keeping those awesome 40k models away from us :c
lol miniwargaming ad

:frowning: but their the best of the lot.

good picture, i like the skins and you did well on the editing.

all the games I’ve played it’s red.

Tau are awesome, if you’ve read any of the stories involving them, their like fucking Ghosts!

And that’s not a MARINE, it’s a Black Templar Space Marine… It’s sad that i know that :frowning:

No it’s not what’s his armor save?

Fight like Demons, Die like Sinners!

Like I said on DA, SPESS MEHREENS.
Anyways, nice job Gunner. Tau bitch is getting owned!