Marine fending off a Hydralisk

SDoF still keeps crashing for me.
All ingame though.

Very nice work. The Hydralisk model (what ever that is) looks fantastic. The light is good to.

Sexy hydralisk model.

I must have that monster!

By the way guys, the Hydralisk will not be private and will be released, so you just gotta keep your shirts on.

is it a black screen with a box in the upper righthand corner or does it outright crash?

If it’s the former then turn off multicore rendering.

No white box, just stops responding.

Oh boy, look at the Hydralisk’s neck. Seems a little stretched doesn’t it?


Great work, besides that. Palette.

Single Hydralisk rush? Thats something new.

Great picture man, the light on the back of the Marine looks a little off, but I guess thats just me.

model is do want.