Marine getting sliced in half by a predalien

Trying some gore effects again. Kinda not happy with the result.


The blood is a bit bright, yes?

Blood is too solid(Blood circles, chunks, I hope you get it) at some parts and the background is quite bland but the wound is really cool.

Also, fucking ouch, he started slicing the marine on the ass crack.

All I have to say is ouch

nice posing and editing, background is different.

Thought something looked a bit weird about it. Well, let’s just say that they’re gibs of his organs :v:

Danke. I spent some time trying to get it right.


Added some shading on the biggest gibs to make them look like chunks of his flesh/organs.

Well i wouldn’t say it looks bad, but the wound looks like a puddle of blood, try adding depth through shading so it looks like some yucky insides and it’d look much better!

Looks ok, but I agree with GoldenBullet.

I read it as Marine getting sliced in half by a pendulum

By a first glimpse it looks great and that’s all it needs to pass for me.

Too bad all the detail on the wound can’t be seen. I worked pretty hard on it.

Should have used less blood me thinks.

Loved the use of the Pulse rifle.
Do one but with a predator please.

Blood is to solid, but damn this is brutal. Well posed.

Looks like the replacement for the Colonial Marines is not good enough. But hell it’s a very nice edit.

like Santz said, blood too solid but apart from that nice editing

Cool picture, maybe you should improve that blood but otherwise it’s really good. Have an artistic. :3:

Woah. Wasn’t expecting that much blood.

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