Marine in low cover

This is a scenebuild, took me around 3 hours

Some ONI spook inspecting some troops. Spent about a hour on this one.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did that take you three hours? Its fine and all, but that could be done in 30 minutes tops.

I tend to listen to music and jack around. I count overall time, the screenshot took me about a hour due to lamps lagging me.

Its too dark in the first one and a tad too much contrast in the second, also the EvaCombine fellow looks like he is gonna break into a tap dance, now if the lamps are lagging the easy way to sort that problem is turn your graphics down, then use the light stool to create one large light source, then do your pose, scenebuild etc. Turn up your graphics and it should be fine, also in the second picture did you use SDoF?

I used SDoF

ugh that perfectly square hole in the rubble in the first screenshot completely ruins it

The window?