Marine meets the Knight of Heavy Metal

“I was scanning the horizon of Sector B-1 when I spotted him. There was no mistaking who he was, the guitar said it all. I knew that this may be my only chance, so I approached him. I was about 100 feet away when he finally spoke. His words sent chills down my spine. ‘What would drive you to seek me out, mortal?’ I was at a loss for words. There I was, standing before the Knight of Heavy Metal. I had to pause for a minute and scour my mind for the words. Finally, I replied, 'I wish to learn the ways of Rock.”


Awesome story :stuck_out_tongue: There is not much posing in the pic tho.
And the soldier looks a little out of place.

This…this is godlike.

The idea and story are nice, but posing is pretty bad. The Heavymetalknight has his arm clipping trough the guitar too.