Marine MEU Agents are gunfighting with off-screen enemy.

Da return of generic.

oops. fix the title. screan - screen.


Looks good, albeit generic (as you have already said). The editing and posing both look nice, but the muzzle flash looks painted on and 2D.

I love that SCAR-H model you have. Hate to sound like a minge, but mind sharing the source or giving a link? :3:

Arma Developers don’t want to sharine their ported models. :frowning:

Ah, I see. Thanks anyway though pal. :buddy:

Its not he don’t want to share, but I heard the developer complained to him. That is why the old arma thread is gone. Right?

Yes :frowning:

ddok i like your editing style

The posing is off, specifically the way the closest marine holds his scar. It should really be braced against his shoulder, not suspended in mid-air.
Also, his arms seem really bent to me. I can’t help but wonder how uncomfortable it would be to fire a gun in that position.

Marine Expeditionary Unit?
Thats like… Marine Marine Expeditionary Unit.
anyways, good picture my fine korean friend. Digging those models, especially the SCAR.
You see, I own both ArmA1… And ArmA2…
Also, I think that SCAR is not from ArmA2… is it?
From a mod, I assume?

yea but i think the addon maker told to arma developer.

Nice editing and posing broski

awesome man, the lighting and posing is great
good job ddok