Marine punches a Imperial Guard

Also my first try at motion blur

Note to self, get better at motion blur.
He could also be backhanding him.

Poor camera angle. Not exciting at all and leaves a lot of empty space.

The posing is lazy and, in the background, just plain terrible.

I guess the motion-blur is bearable.

c’mon Chesty it ain’t all that bad

It is actually.

The blur is too excessive IMO. Looks like he just used the smudge brush

Why is a starcraft 2 marine punching a warhammmer 40,000 Karskin?

I used the motion blur tool in PS Elements 7.

Because he feels like it?

O.o w/e anyway the pose for the guard is kinda stiff. Wouldn’t he be falling over or knocked back?

If you compare this to the first version of the pose this one looks a lot better. In the original it didn’t even look like he was punching him

First Version:

I’ve never seen anyone stand like that when they are punching people.

And his pelvis is all messed up, which leads me to suspect that you didn’t bother to pose the lower body.

Bar fight. The Karskin insulted the marine’s unit.

The Kasrkin would win.

Do you have original? I would like to try to edit it, maybe -.-

Only if he has a slingshot.

And if he didn’t, a REAL Space Marine would surely shove a chainsword up that poser SM’s ass.

Hang on. I’m going to see if I can find it.