"Marine squad moves through the old world"


Nice one, good posing.
Choice of sound made it even better.


I like it a lot, the choice sound did add a lot to it. Cant wait to see the next ones of this series.

Street battle next prob

Expected some BF3-style soldiers moving through an earthquake’d city.

I like this better.

thanks :smiley: more to come

You could say “Don’t use gm_bigcity” but I didn’t realize it was that map until 5 seconds after I saw and enjoyed it. Awesome scenebuild.

Thanks man!
I usually stick to gm_bigcity Since My shadows only stay at medium, I just try and make realistic, crazy fun scenebuilds and edit them.

Really good, but for some reason the armor kinda reminds me of this


modern space marines.

It’s cool. The wheatfield in an inner city area isn’t really selling it though. :v:

old world overgrown to the max etc.

I expected Metro 2033 when I saw “old world” in the title,but still got something better anyway. Nice Job!